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The Phyletical Museum

The role of Ernst Haeckel

Haeckel.jpg (12616 Byte)The zoologist Ernst Haeckel, influenced by the works of Darwin became after reading Origin of Species, one of the more prolific and vociferous supporters of evolution.

After a visit of the "Museum of Natural History" in London 1879 Ernst Haeckel planned to build a museum about the descendant-theory and Darwinism in Jena.

phyMu_ausstellung.jpg (84453 Byte)The realization of the plans like he discussed it with Darwin took a quarter century.

In 1907 Ernst Haeckel established the museum for the theory of evolution.

There, zoological preparations, fossils, models and graphical displays explain the phylogenetic development of organisms, including man.

In the nearly 60 years of his academic work Jena became the “Mecca” of young zoologists and the centre of Darwinism in Germany.

phyletMuseum.jpg (40510 Byte)Because of the 350 year celebration of the University of Jena the museum assigned transfer to the academy.

Since 1908 it is part of the Institute of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Biology of the FSU.



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